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TJ Smith
Enjoy a very entertaining and funny musical tribute to the iconic legends of Country, Rock, and Pop Music from the past 60 years. Experience a wonderful blend of vocal impressions from famous celebrities, actors and Presidents.  Laugh to the comedy, parodies and "spot-on" impressions from this stellar entertainer!

T.J. Smith has been “wowing” audiences with his impersonations for over 20 years. Just in the past 5 years, over 250,000 people in 1000+ shows have been delighted by TJ's singing vocal impressions.  From Elvis to Bill Clinton, Roy Orbison to Christopher Walken, George Bush to The Beatles, Jack Nicholson to Neal Diamond and Vanilla Ice, TJ delivers nonstop comedy and musical genius.

TJ's wife, Maria, joins onstage as June Carter, Barbra Streisand, Edith Bunker, Gracie Allen and as herself singing classic torch songs, playing piano and guitar. 

Rarely can a person see someone as talented as TJ in so many areas of entertainment: Singer, Musician, Impressionist and Comedian.