TJ Smith is one of the best Vocal Impersonators on the Planet!  He is also a smoking hot guitar picker which yes, puts him a notch above all the other "spoken"  and "singing" impersonators.  Mix in a very funny Comedian with a show producer who is married to his very talented performer  wife Maria, and you get the Coolest "King of Voices"


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           The King  of Voices...

Howdy!  Thanks for checking in!  Hope you have a great summer.  Check back in the fall to see where I will be performing next!  I have a plateful of things to get done.  There is video footage from the past 3 shows that I need to edit and put online as well as in a DVD.  Maria has a new album that I will be producing this summer.  I need to finish writing a little book I started...two years ago and then friends weddings, our daughters baby shower, this that and the other.  I felt the easiest "fix" would be to take a few months off to relax and get these other projects completed.  Thanks again for checking in with me!